Sunday, March 30, 2008


While in Pensacola, two of the things I wanted to do, included cemeteries.  I wanted to find and visit the cemetery that has the plot that contains most of the family members on my dad's side.  

After looking and looking (the church that originated the cemetery no longer exists;   its' name has changed, thus making it hard to find), we found it and Mark was kind enough to photograph the 10-12 headstones of the great-aunt and uncles, grandparent(s) and great-grandparents.  Since I have so little family to begin with and do not speak to my parents, all of this information (from names to dates of birth and death) is lost to me.   With photos, I have at least some record of things.

The other outing I had planned, was to visit what I had been told is the oldest cemetery in Pensacola (which is pretty dang old, since Pensacola is pretty dang old).  St. Michael's Cemetery is full of interesting monuments, headstones, mausoleums and iron fences.  Here are some highlights...
If this sort of thing creeps you out or is distasteful, sorry, but it's time to move along--lol!

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