Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bashing my own Christian


My cyber-pal, Nicole noted recently that the blog has been quiet. {waving toward Portland} Thanks for the inquiry.

It's true. There's nothing on the blog, cuz I'm stuck and tired and contemplative and as a result, mildly self-loathing.

I'm looking back, remembering and looking ahead, grieving.

And that makes me miss the present.

Gotta get my head on straight. The battlefield of the mind is strategic territory.

Sometimes, it feels like mine has been captured by the enemy. And I am a weak, starving, brainwashed POW.

Pray-ers? Step up, please...I feel like the walking wounded.


Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Have you seen my blog since last night...There's a present there for you.

Terynn said...


I commented on your blog, as well as here. Such a sweet girl you are. Thanks for the award. I'll treasure it always. {grin}

BTW, I don't say it often enough, but the photos of Lola are lovely, Diesel is darling and Kihnley is Kinhlicious.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your family.