Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I often ponder this (not so secret anymore) place I post.

Diary. Journal. Post. Blog. Why do it? Why do I write?

Why do I spend time reading the writings of another, perhaps, even, a stranger?

When we write (for ourselves) or read another's writings, what is the attraction? Is it like a secret revealed? A glimpse of the inner workings of another's heart and mind? Being invited in? Belonging?

Why do I care to read another's musings and ponderings? Why would I like to leave a trail of my own?

Obviously, this post is just the beginning of a looong, rambling thought process.

For me, the answer to these questions are important, because I spend precious, priceless, irreplaceable moments engaged in reading and writing. I guess if that is the case, I wish to be intentional about the *why* of it.

Here' s the quote that started the rambling post:

" another's eyes, a diary shimmers with concrete details, life patterns, a self unaware of its own stories". that true for you? I think it is for me.

The quote is from a book called, "On Keeping a Journal---Leaving a Trace. The Art of Transforming a Life into Stories" by Alexandra Johnson.

Good book. Worth a read. Worth a purchase, IMHO, as it has jump-started me several times, when stuckness in writing comes. I have employed a few of her techniques and tools over the past several years, as I attempt to document life in fits and starts.

Stay tuned.

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