Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who's got the GPS?

OK. Let's get some input here.

Can we all agree that each life has an experience that (in Christian circles) would be referred to as a "desert"? A dry time? A time of waiting, little forward motion? A time of death and decay? A time of wandering in circles, while your feet swell in your sandals and eating quail, manna and dust 24/7?!!!!! :ahem:

Until two years ago, I (secretly) thought that not *all* people experience such a time in their lives. Mostly, because it had never happened to me (or moi, as my French-speaking daughter would say).

And even if someone I respected would have said that it was their belief that *all* of us must experience a desert, I may have nodded silently, but (secretly) I would know that wasn't true, cuz it had never happened to me/moi.

Enter, moi. Teri. The short-sighted, silly one. The sunburned, parched, dehydrated crawling one. Yup. Two years ago (more or less), I woke up and found myself :gasp: in the desert.

How did I get here? Why am I staying so dang long? How the heybillies do I get out?

I don't really need to have the "How can a loving God...?" discussion. Thanks be to God, that's one issue that (for now) I do not struggle with. I'm more in the "God is good, all the time---All the time, God is good" camp.

But still, what is the deal with the desert? I know there are any number of lessons to be learned and spirit-led things to experience, but can you just tell me this?

Is is possible I was led here by the Lord? That I didn't just sleep-walk my way here, or sin my way out here or bumble my way out here?

Cuz to me, that feels like the truest thing.

Thankfully, I've probably only got 38 more years to wander.

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tye dye lamb said...

I truly believe we are led to the desert my friend. It is in the desert that we have NOTHING and that we really THIRST. It is in this thirst, deep thirst, that we are filled with Living water and a greater understanding. It is in the desert we also get stripped of somethings that we may not find important once we get back into the land of promise. HE Works, for GOOD... all the time, whether in the desert, on a mountain, in avalley, or under a shaded tree of comfort and rest. HE is GOOD all the time and HE KNOWS the plans!!
A multicolored lamb who just follows where HE LEADS me... whether beside streams or deserts... he lights the path.