Friday, February 22, 2008


I prayed.
In the car.
About me.
To God.
Haven't done that for...awhile.

I apologized for my stuck-ness,
my lethargy,
my complacency,
my approach/avoidance
my luke-warmm-ness.

He accepted my apology
with grace and love.
Open arms.
Warm embrace.
Of course, He would.

I know He has been there
the whooooole time, but...

I couldn't see Him.

I couldn't hear Him.

I couldn't feel Him.

So that whole,
"I know that I know that I know",

that *faith*,
the believing in what is not yet seen,
was a gift from God.

And it is all that I had
in the desert, wandering around,
with my bag of remembrance rocks;
totally seeing their worthlessness,

but trusting the Shepherd
to transform the ordinary stones,
into priceless jewels.

Beauty for ashes.
Mourning into dancing.
Promises made.
Promises fulfilled.
Eyes opened.
First Love Remembered.
His heart revealed.
Mine redeemed.

new mercies every morning.for God so loved the world.even so, come quickly,Lord.

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