Monday, February 11, 2008


It was never gonna happen to me. It just wasn't.

I was going to fight the aging thing, with grace and effortlessly. Heck. There wasn't even gonna *be* a fight.

I was not going to thicken in the middle, fan myself in public, wear bifocals, develop a double chin, talk about my age spots.

I would stay trim, avoid hot flashes (somehow? I am unclear about how I thought I was going to pull that off), eagle-eyed, sharply profiled, with clear skin.

Um yeah. About that.

I have (proudly) purchased by first jeans from Lane Bryant (size 1 yellow--for us girls that are straight up and down, butt, hips and waist), been professionally fitted in a bra that is significantly larger in the alphabet than I had been wearing since my teens and started an informal Weight Watchers program for myself. I have resurrected the 1980's Denise Austin "Trim and Tone" VHS tape (complete with mullets).

I have lost 3 pounds.

Stay tuned.

PS One thing I can say about being ::ahem:: my age, is that it is far easier to grow to love the body you have, imperfections and all. Wisdom, apparently, comes wtih aging. I love that.

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Relying On Christ: R.O.C. said...

TRIM and TONE baby... you go girlfriend. I am with you all the way... not sure what happened but I woke up after I turned forty and it hasn't ever been the same. One lil' piece of advice I will share without charging is you can always tucky the breasts into your waist and save the time of having to tuck them in to a bra that you also have to fasten in the back. (BIG "SHEEPISH" GRIN)
Love ya from the Ewe's not fat Ewe's FLUFFY FRIEND! :o)