Friday, February 1, 2008

It's My Turn!!!, Kelley Squealed

This is my amazing friend, Kelley and her son, Isaac. Kelley is one of the most obedient God-girls, I've ever had the privilege to know. Obedient to the point of leaving her home, her country, her possessions, her comfort, her job, etc. because her Lord told her to go to Costa Rica. And minister to the poor.

Never mind, that Kelley did not know a soul in Costa Rica. Never mind that she did not speak Spanish. Never mind that she had no job connections, place to live, people to meet her at the airport. Never mind that she is a *single mom* to Isaac. Never mind that I told her that I didn't think the Lord would ask her to give it *all* to Him (what do I know?).

Nope. Kelley went, because the Lord said, "Go". She had an awesome time of growing and changing and was away for 3 years! She lived among the poor in a neighborhood with no hot water, minimal electricity, no transportation and only her skills as a hair stylist to sustain her and her son. She loved the children! She loved the prostitutes and taught 12 of them how to be hair stylists.

Yup. Kelley would send us a wish list and a needs list and we would send the stuff. Hair dryers, curling irons, aprons, capes, rollers, clips, color kits, towels, etc. Paper and crayons, balloons, stickers, toys, clothes. Money. Whatever she needed. It was exciting for us to watch the Lord met each need.

And then she came home (because the Lord said to, of course). She found a house. She found a house with a styling salon!!! Isaac went to school. Both Kelley and Isaac had serious medical surgeries performed (most multiple times). But we were glad she was with her family and friends and we could love on her again.

During her time back in Iowa, I knew Kelley was only with us for a time. She is simply too big to contain! Now, three years later, she has met Doug. And Doug is the man we have prayed about for years.

Kelley had a verse and she and I prayed it and prayed it. We knew that we would know which man God had chosen for her, because we had inside information (from God--lol).

I've watched her and her finance come under the protection and mentoring of friends and family. I've watched them do all the right things (counseling; marriage, blending a family, financial). They've taken trips together. They have sold two homes and purchased another. They have planned a wedding.

And tonight, we are having a lingerie and pampering shower for the girl who can say, "It's my turn!!!" And it *is*! She has waited and persevered. And we know that we know that we know Doug is the one for Kelley. Prayers for a happy life together, wherever God may take you in the years to come.

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