Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bread of Life

Melissa chose another organization working with children in Viet Nam, called the "Bread of Life". Here is her brief description..

"Another great one ministering to the deaf in VN is and there is a restaurant/bakery in VN called Bread of Life in DaNang that employs the deaf in their restaurant."

Here are a couple of references to this group. I have linked their blogs...

My Frugal Life

"My new obsession in Vietnam is going to this place called Bread of Life, which is a restaurant owned by some Americans from Missouri who have been living in Vietnam for the past 8 years, but the restaurant has only been open the past 9 months or so. Getting to the point they hire mostly people who are deaf, so I go there in the evenings and learn more Vietnamese sign language, I have progressed quit well and can now understand most everything they are saying. It is my new passion here, it is a bit difficult because each person may use different signs depending what form they learned and how much they were taught. So I have been having to learn numerous signs for the same word, the perk is as I am learning sign I am also learning Vietnamese, which has been more difficult for me to pick up without proper lessons and people always trying to speak to me in English. My favorite thing about going to bread of life is I can carry on a much more in depth conversation in sign with my new friends than I can in Vietnamese."

Children of Viet Nam Blog

"Thursday, our hearts were stolen by the children at Tam Ky orphanage and Tam Ky Street Children Program. One of the most moving moments was meeting Nga,a beautiful 19 year old deaf girl. Children of Vietnam will be bringing her to DaNang, where she will join other young deaf adults at the Bread of Life. We will have her hearing evaluated and determine further opportunities for her education."

As I originally wanted to be a teacher of the deaf (since I read the life story of Helen Keller at age 9), this sounds like a wonderful way to assist children and young people in becoming self-supporting. How exciting!!

I would love to visit this little place. Who's in? :~)

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