Tuesday, January 22, 2008

List of Things to Post

1). How Parenting Constantly Teaches Me about God's Character

2). Is God Put Off or Out by Our Faults and/Tantrums?

3). Pop Songs as Worship--anyone else do this?

4). Desert Discussion--How'd I end up here? How the heck do I get out?

5). The Re-Invention of Myself--How to Spend My Next 45 years

6). Testimony--Radically Changed

7). Life List of Things to Do--Facebook ate my List!

8). Anyone Else Annoyed by Paul?

9). The Unknown and Secret Life of Women (things that frighten me)

10. Books

So many things to journal about. Where to start? Anyone have a vote? Anyone else find clarity through writing things out?

1 comment:

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Everyday I think about all the things I could journal about. Then I actually sit down to the computer and draw nothing but blanks.

I was gunna reply to your email but you two have the most adorable kids! Your daughters are STUNNING, and your son is very hunky! And your grandson is cute too!