Sunday, January 27, 2008


after watching
just one half
of the documentary called,
"The Dying Room",
I have been able
to ask the Lord,
without sadness or grief,
"If not adoption,
then what?
How am I to help?
To contribute? To love?"

I cannot
happily exist



Mia's Mommy said...

The Dying Room is about ten years old, and thank God that after this video, China was really embarrassed and forced some major changes in their institutions. Adoption is awesome, I know! But there are orphans that will not find families and we can help them too in many ways. Email me and I'll send you what I know. God will work on your heart, and show you whatever it is He calls you to do.

Terynn said...

Melissa: I only knew that the video had been around "awhile". I would love to experience the miracle of adoption, but am (now) open to other ways He might use me. Thanks for the encouragement.