Sunday, January 6, 2008

::Ding Dong::



My recurring tornado dream!!! This time starring both Alannah and I.

So weird.

Anyone have an interpretation?


Nicole - Raising Animals said...

You know we had a tornado here yesterday! :-)

Terynn said...

First of all--thanks for the comment!
Second, you had a TORNADO in Portland?
Third, do you think I could earn an income predicting the weather? lol

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

1) You're totally welcome! You're on my bookmarks now!

2) Technically it was in Washington but it was literally just over the river from us. We got the weather that it stirred up and it was crazy! Kinhly was amazed at how rocks were falling from the sky.

3) Yes, yes, I think you could! You could probably do a better job at it than our local weather guys.