Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As promised...

Time to share one of Melissa's (Mia's Mommy) favorite humanitarian groups who work in Vietnam. Since she very clearly shared their focus and work, I'll let her tell you about them.
"...One of my all time favorite ministries that I pray for is called Giving It Back To Kids. The guy that runs it, Robert, is a great guy and they cover so many bases in VN.

They do everything from partnering with Free Wheelchair Mission, to opening an orphanage, running a school, running a street children's shelter, doing vitamin and preventative health inoculations, building homes for the poor, heart surgeries, and my favorite an unwed teen mother's home called The Father's House. They're pretty darn cool. Their website is"

I visited their website and they do, indeed, look amazing! They divide their projects into the essential categories of housing, medical, education and nutrition, but they also have a general fund to contribute monetarily. I have included a few photos from these projects, so you can just get an idea of the life-changing work these folks do.

The two projects I thought were most inventive and far-reaching were the Bicycle Project and the Piggie Project. Of course, surgeries, nutrition and housing, things we take completely for granted are exciting, too.

Mostly, I'd just want to go back and love on the children (and bring home a dozen or so). lol

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Mia's Mommy said...

Thanks for highlighting my faves! GIBTK is one of my all time super duper favorites! And, I love that they partner with other agencies to reach as many as they can. The couple that started the organization are really neat people and God is using them BIG time! You're so sweet for doing that! I hope you find an organization that catches your heart too!