Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cat's in the Cradle--ugh

This week I had my first "Cat's in the Cradle" moment with my daughter.

When the kids were little, I instituted, "Kids' Day", as the last day of the summer, prior to the start of school. The only rules were...there were no rules! Ice cream for breakfast? Sure! Goofy golfing? OK! Waterfun? No prob. Ahhhhh, those were the days of some heady mommy-pedestal memories. Sigh.

So, Monday was a non-contract day for me, but I had soooo much work to do, I worked. Then, in a moment of brilliance, it came to me--I would take Thursday off, instead, and present the day to Alannah as a gift. She and I could shop, get clothes, school supplies, eat lunch, get dessert, pedicures, manicures, etc. Wow, what a cool mom am I!

Except...I didn't clear my big idea with my daughter's day-planner. Her last day of summer? Filled with working at her job, prepping for her dance team Fall Kickoff and going out with friends after.

Hmmmm...she even apologized, saying that it sounded fun, but well, she was busy.


Yup. Cat's in the cradle (whatever the h*** that means) has arrived. I only hope I wasn't too busy too many times during her growing up times. I don't want her, or I, to have any regrets.

Man, the time just flew...

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