Sunday, July 8, 2007

No small thing...

Let's begin with the miracle.

Rachel. Seated next to me. In church. With Caleb. Smiling. At *me*, as I offer toys from a backpack to a restless Caleb. OMW!

The last time I sat with Rachel in a church was many, mnay years ago. maybe as many as 12-15? Mark brought his children to church and he and I attempted to sit together; one and all. Not gonna happen, according to young Rachel.

She literally kicked Mark in the shins (quite hard!) and all 4 kids hightailed it out of church, up to the parking lts, where the Cedar Falls police were called to help sort things out. Nice cop. Really nice. Helped get Mark and his kids over the immediate hump (they did not return to the service) and never returned to church.

Now, after waiting and praying and counseling and trying and crying and separating and coming back together, Rachel is at church. Seated next to me. Smiling.

Praises to the God Most High, for He has done great things for us!

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