Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Google Says, "Teri needs..."; Teri's Replies

Teri seriously needs to create a no-close-up-unless-an-army-of-photoshop-assistants-are-within-50m clause in her contract.


Teri needs saving.

Ahem: Correction. Teri has *been* saved.

Teri needs a gawky, baldheaded loser with red and grey boxer shorts.


Teri needs to be saved from her own damn self!

More often than I would care to admit.

Teri needs to be spoon fed.

By nubian goats? :snort::

Teri REALLY needs to eat something.

More like, needs to *stop* eating EVERYthing. Sheesh.

Teri need to eat a cheeseburger, or 10.

See above.

TeRi (NeEdS SoMe TiMe)

My personal fave! So true and so creatively written.

Terri needs to quit playing with her readers or she won't have very many left.

No-one reads this silly thing of mine.

Teri needs a hero.

I have One, thank you very much.

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