Monday, June 25, 2007

God in the dr.'s office

Today, while waiting to see the doctor, I flipped through a Parent's magazine. Imagine my surprise when I noticed an article about adoption being advertised on the cover.

So, I flipped to the start of the article and noted (again, with surprise!) an article written by an adoptive father. The crux of the article was that dads sign on to the idea of adoption in a much different way than moms do.

Of course, this is already something I know, but I was oddly comforted to know that most fathers worry about lack of time, money and energy and don't "fall in love" with their children until meeting them.

Me? I've been in love with this little one my entire life.

I asked the doc to if I could take the article; he said, "yes" without even asking what it was.

I folded it, put it in my purse and will save it to show Mark.

More hints, Papa-God?

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