Friday, May 18, 2007

Umm...yeah. It *is*, now that you mention it...

When you blog, is it therapeutic?

Because I love to read everyday-insightful, stopandsmelltheroses writing. I would pay the gas money to experience the cottonwood snow...

Also, totally am remembering the old movies/daughter time. Sometimes, when marital things go awry, God cashes in the chips for us and we find rich, rich experiences await us in a different arena of our lives.

During a fairly recent and painful time of our marriage, my daughter and I were able to create some strong, shared adversity, memory-making time. Lots* of it.

My prayers about that period in our family life has been/were twofold: 1). That I displayed strong, godly womanhood to her (nope, not doormat theology) and 2) that the memories we created during that unqiue (and now past) time in our relationship would be used by God to cement her heart to mine in preparation for the stormy winds of adolesence.

Good came of that time in our lives. I see it now. I know it.

Bless you today You are storing up treasure in heaven that cannot compare to earthly crap.

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