Thursday, March 1, 2007

Gift of Love

Well, the first step is official.

We have completed paperwork to apply to adopt with Gift of Love International and their Viet Nam program.

We met with Monique Zhao in DSM on Friday and she spent two hours with us answering our questions, showing us her recent photos from the first adoption trip to VN and giving us help with our initial paperwork.

After that, Mark and I went to Macaroni Grill to celebrate! We had a lovely meal and brought home many leftovers. Yum!

We had planned on spending the night in DSM, shopping and going to the state wrestling meet, but my back was hurting so badly that Mark and I just headed back home. We barely made it home before the worst ice storm in years hit.

Picked up the dog from the daycare/spa and went home.

Saturday, we lost power for 6 hours, just at the time we wanted to watch the state meet finals. Sooo...we went over to Mark's mom and dad's to watch. Thanks!! BJ Brooks finished second; Mike Jones, 5th and Nick Sands???

When we arrived home the power was back on (thank you, Lord). We watched the movie "The Prestige" and then, as with all "thinking movies", I had to jump onto some discussion boards and read what others were thinking, as I obsessed about plot's twists.

Alannah and Jared were with their dad in DSM and instead of coming home, were stranded for another night (they had been there since Wednesday). They were able to caravan home on Sunday, leaving around noon.

So, here are some photos to help document our journey to our Vietnamese daughter.

Mark and I in front of Gift of Love...our appetizer at Macaroni Grill...our paperwork ready to be sent...the Independence Postal cheesy-happy face, as I drove home from work that day!

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