Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cleaning House

I am sick.


I have been sick with this same type of sickness for 9-10 days in the last 3 weeks. Intestinal yuck. Foul. Rotten. Gross. Icky-doo. Loose :ahem: well, you know. Belching. Gurgling. Nausea--helped only by staying very still.

When inquiring of the Lord about what is going on, I felt like He said that there is some pretty intense spiritual housescleaning going on.

Will I cooperate, by opening up all the windows, shaking out the dust, rolling up my sleeves and perspiring, alongside Him?

Or will I stay in bed, covers thrown defensively over my head, pretending that nothing is needing to be done?

Hmmmm....I know which path I want to take.

But I am so weak. So out of practice. So lazy. Ugh.

Help me, Lord. I am nothing without You. Without You, I am nothing.

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