Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ahhhh, a blank canvas

I am making a new start here, as I feel the need to chronicle the journey we are being led to undertake. While most parents our age are looking forward to watching the last little bird fly from the nest, we are embarking on a second round of parenting, via the miracle of international adoption.

Crazy? On many levels, I guess that could be said of us. But I am not moved. Eh.

I'm not even really very offended that some may think that of us or our decisions. One huge blessing of being a woman :ahem: of my age, it that you know who you are, what you love, what you're good at and really feel very little need to apologize for simply *being* who you are and loving it.

However, cliche that "When I am an Old Woman"....poem has become, I'm telling ya, there is a whole lotta truth to it, as far as I am experiencing things. Red hats and purple dresses? Bah. Who cares? All my clothes (by choice) come from Goodwill, where I practice my own made-up brand of recycling and saving.

Buy cheap, used clothes; wear until no longer my cup of tea; resell to consignment store; put money toward our zany What? Who me--retire? activity. Adoption.

I'm certain that we are in for one wild ride. But women my age like roller coasters, even if their big-brimmed, red hat blows off on the first sharp turn...

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Anonymous said...

cool. looking forward to following along.